Bas Reisen

Class Trips

Your Bus for Class Trips

A class trip is a highlight for every student and often proves unforgettable. What’s fun for students means a higher level of responsibility for every teacher and chaperone. It is important for a class trip to rent a reliable bus and driver.  With us, safety and comfort are top priorities.  Our rental services for class trips are designed for quality-oriented schools.

When you book one of our buses, you can check off an important item on your to-do list. For example, class trips often go abroad; with us, trips to Austria, Poland, France, or to the Netherlands and the seashore are no problem at all. We accompany you everywhere in Europe and bring you and your class safely to your destination and back home. We are available for just a few hours or several days, according to your needs.

When you hire a bus and driver, the question of transport for your students is already answered, so you can calmly plan the rest of the trip.